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Good day everyone!

Hi my name is Erik, from the great State of New York, USA. Welcome to Toki School, I hope to met you and help you in any way. I can guide you to develop your English skills.

I grew up in NYC, my school years were great and very international, our city has people from all over the world and we use over 200 languages. So I naturally developed my interests in languages and cultures. After some years in Human Resources managing programs for English learners I decided to make it my only profession. I traveled the world and was very fortunate to live and teach in several great countries.

I have been teaching now for over 15 years; time flies doesn't it? Now you will agree, learning a language is hard work, no doubt here. And also a language is meant to be spoken, so my my classes are for practice. We always say "Practice makes perfect" and that is true so I will make you practice speaking English. You will be speaking the most we can during each class. Verbal practice will enhance your skills but as well vocabulary and grammar and it will develop your confidence when using English. We will do classes as a team, in a friendly manner, relaxed atmosphere and try to make it fun too. If at times some aspects of the language get difficult, then we will spend more time on that aspect. I am a good listener and I will develop the class at your speed and needs. Your pace will be my pace, there is no rush.

I have simple principles with my students, listen, create, adapt, assess, share and collaborate. Learning a language does not have to be a nightmare, it can fun, enriching and done without stress.

I take my life with simplicity and passion, same as my hobbies, all passion for movies, music, political science, nature and many more.

So, I hope to meet you soon here at Toki. Have a wonderful day.



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